SOLAR UMBRELLA is a supply chain solutions company  located in Pasadena, CA that believes the profitability of any company, business model, or project ultimately depends on the ability to minimize and control cost.   We operate in the fast growing, yet competitive solar energy industry where success is measured in "cents per watt" and materials often represent up to 50% of a solar system's total installation cost.​ 

Our main area of focus is on the solar panel itself, not only the most expensive, but the most dynamic component of solar equipment costs in terms of market price fluctuation and forecasting.  Unfortunately, we have seen too many companies underestimate the impact of these factors and simply do not dedicate the time, money or resources required to mitigate the risks involved with a mismanaged supply chain.

Solar Umbrella recognized a need for this and provides a solution that allows companies to outsource the supply chain function to professionals that have the expertise and experience to effectively develop a customized plan whether it involves full procurement, logistics and distribution services or something as simple as a direct purchase from our own store of Solar Umbrella owned solar equipment. 

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